The second half of my Sevenplains (failed) webcomic sequence. I loved this drawing this fight scene. I like scenes where one character goes berserk and decimates several opponents at once. Also, I was rejected by a publisher just before drawing this, so it was very cathartic.

So, this sequence involves two European characters, one of which basically kills a bunch of Arab/North African type assassins. I became very uncomfortable about this. It became one of my reasons for putting the comic on hiatus. There are more pages after this sequence before I stopped, they’re in a much rougher state.

Final pages for my webcomic Sevenplains, once published at Sevenplains went on hiatus after these pages, and I’m currently writing a new version of the script.

This sequence was letting out some steam after a particularly hard rejection from a publisher I’d wanted to work with. It helped me get some stuff out.

First of 2 parts. Concludes tommorow, since tumblr won’t let me add more pages.